Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

testimonial 1My partner and I own our own business and found out we were pregnant during a recession. Because of this, and because of our beliefs, we decided to have an unassisted home birth.

Our plans were soon foiled when we found out at 36 weeks that our son was a frank breech. After going through a external version and seeing how scared my partner was to see me in such pain, we decided we needed a doula and that’s when we found Kate.

Throughout the last few weeks of my pregnancy, including two weeks of prodromal labor, my doula was there for me. I never once felt like I was being given lesser service or being treated any differently than any other client.

We had several trips to the hospital and lots of nervous phone calls. Once we finally did get to the hospital and my birth changed from a natural birth to a medicated birth, she was still right there with me. She stood by my side and stood up for my rights.

I’m so grateful for Kate. My birth, even though it turned out to be very different than I had hoped, was exactly what it should have been with my doula by my side.

I can honestly say I could have had my baby without Kate as my doula, but I can honestly also say I wouldn’t want to have another baby without her!  –Amanda Heath and Jason Hashim

baby 1

Kate was one of my midwives when I gave birth to my sweet baby girl in July 2011. My experience was just as I had wanted. Kate was attentive and respectful of my desires as they changed with stages of labor and I appreciated the support and loving care Kate provided during my prenatal visit and care.

We were faced with many obstacles given my age and other health issues that arose, but my midwives were professional, informative, supportive, and above all caring and concerned about my level of comfort and experience as well as my baby’s safety and health.

I wanted a minimal intervention home birth and thru Kate’s professionalism, expertise and truly caring nature, despite the hurdles, we overcame them responsibly, and I gave birth in my home to a healthy little girl. It was just as I envisioned and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. From our first encounter to the last post-partum visit I knew my baby and myself were in the best of hands. –Kenya Budd & Zora Li

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